Rise One


May.4, 2018
Smartrac changed its name to "Linxens"!
Sep.26, 2017
Windmill Blade Inspection System is added. Please check Das-Nano page!
July.19, 2016
We moved to our new office!
May.1, 2016
New prduct of Regula is added. Please check Regula page!
Oct.1, 2015
The web site it was renewed .


Cuatomized factory automation system

We are delighted to suggest our various ideas of automation technology for manufacturing and inspection. Especially, ECU inspection line, we propose a method which is not in the market.

Semiconductor facilities for back-end Process

We propose the most suitable solutions with companies which have leading edge technology of high-end process such as Besi.

Forensic&Crime sciene investigation

Facilities for security will be more and more important. We provide imported machine to customer. Especially we provide three-dimensional image processing system and database software.


Terahertz wave is beginning to utilize. We propose the solutions pursue convenience and efficiency with using Terahertz wave. It is expected that apply Noncontact inspection to various industries which had been said it is impossible.


Manufacturing and inspection systems of IC card which provided through our company have high productivity because of high quality imported materials and our own technology.


“Passion Chocolat” is a famous for Praline. This store is well known by local people. We negotiated with owner, and got permission to sale their chocolate in Japan.They select rare and high quality cacao, and it makes deep and light on the sweetness taste.