Rise One

Company Overview and History

Riseone importantly thinks about the basis of "One creation" that it wants to change it into shape of making the desire undertaking customer's "Desire to the one creation" and sharing. An individual engineer is a professional who has the great deal of experience in this industry and let me answer the demand for the customer in the technology and zeal, please though it is still a company where the history is shallow. Moreover, it has pride that the spirit of inventiveness that makes the best use of the challenging spirit to work on a new thing and the experience infiltrates staff's bone body, and can offer the product that the customer can be satisfied. In addition, I will offer prompt correspondence that makes use of our staff's technology and footwork in the after following after goods is delivered. Relations (connection of the person to person) with the customer carefully even always ・・・ It is our corporate philosophy.

Company Profile

Company name Rise One CO., LTD.
Representative Representative director : kazuhiko Miyazawa
Establishment November 1, 2004
Location 581-1, Nakahara, Suruga-ku Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, 422-8058, Japan
tel +81-54-266-5696
fax +81-54-266-5697
URL http://www.jp-riseone.co.jp/en/
Location Map


November 1st, 2004 Riseone INC was established; a FA system integrated produced company, which is based on hardware, software, and electric circuit design technique.
March 2005 We produced the magnetic tape transcripit device, MTM-100. The automatic production machine and the design production of the automatic inspection device are handled later in various fields.
August 2006 We moved our head office to ryunan, aoi ward, shizuoka, and changed the trade name to riseone co., LTD.
December 2007 beltscan (belt type image scanner for products inspection) was developed.
March 2012 Office and factory moved to Nanatsu-Shinya, Shimizu
2014 Signed a Dutch Besi Corporation and sales agency agreement
2014 Signed a Czech Lim company and distributor agreement
February 2015 Signed a Belarus Regula company and distributor agreement
July 19, 2016 Office and factory moved to Nakahara, Surugaku, Shizuoka