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Customized factory automation system

Automation technology of production and inspection is possible suggestions from various angles , backed by more than 20 years of experience .
Especially ECU inspection consistent line , you can be your cooperation to our customers in the manufacture of equipment that does not exist in the market .

Semiconductor manufacturing (Front end process) system
We designed and developed a variety of production equipment in semiconductor manufacturing .
ECU intermediate assemble board inspe
To design production from system concept it is a development tailored to your needs .

Imported products

Semiconductor facilities for back-end process

We propose the most suitable solutions with companies which have leading edge technology of high-end process such as Besi.

Manufacturer of semiconductor facilities for back-end process which proud of the world-class share.
Manufacturer of the device for high-performance automatic systematization.

Forensic & Crime sciene investigation

Facilities for security will be more and more important. We provide imported machine to customer. Especially we provide three-dimensional image processing system and database software.

Expert of facilities for forensic chemistry examinations supported by the legal professionals all over the world.
Specialist of the system to analysis of the crime trace, and lead to criminal.
Internationally recognized expert of data collection devices and sounds analysis system.
Adamus Metal Detectors
Specialist of metal detectors makes unique ideas possible.


das-Nano is a specialist develop and apply revolutionary products of THz wave to various applications.


Manufacturing and inspection systems of IC card which provided through our company have high productivity because of high quality imported materials and our own technology.

World-class supplier of the field of RFID technology
Supplier of magnetic stripe in the field of card industry.
Supplier of materials used their own lamination and bonding technology for IC cards.



“Passion Chocolat” is a famous for Praline. This store is well known by local people. We negotiated with owner, and got permission to sale their chocolate in Japan.They select rare and high quality cacao, and it makes deep and light on the sweetness taste.

Passion Chocolat
Well-known chocolate store which famous for praline.

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Inquiries about products please contact RiseOne .
We propose the best equipment , depending on the application and budget .

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