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das-Nano is a specialist develop and apply revolutionary products of THz wave to various applications.



Das-Nano’s Pompaerlo+ magnetic quality control device allows the security printer to verify the magnetic level of any feature, right at the production line, even with wet ink sheets, in just 3 seconds. Any Ink (hard & soft), magnetic THREAD, raw materials and even OVMI inks can be thoroughly and quickly inspected. It is portable and easy to use instrument that has been designed with high robustness and reliability standards in order to be used in harsh environments.

Zeph IR

Zeph IR

Zeph IR system has been co-developed in partnership with the Royal Spanish Mint- FNMT. Zeph IR allows the on-line control of special IR inks right at the production line, avoiding costly printing failures and material rejections. It also permits the inspection of other types of IR inks such as TIR and opaque to IR. It measures even on un-cut, wet sheets on line.



Lynx is a device for counting paper. It captures materials visibly and counts immediately. Lynx can work with any substrate: paper, polymer, and hybrid. It even counts glued and multiple layer sheets. Problems associated with mechanical systems, such as: corner damage, measurement failures, discs wearing, personnel safety and counting time are solved with Lynx.


Datacon CS1250

Onyx has developed for inspecting quality of any thin sheets like Graphene. Onyx has tested a large variety of materials, showing its ability to provide excellent a quick quality results. It can provide a uniformity and homogeneity analysis and full conductivity maps, in a few seconds. (Ultra-fast: 77cm2/min)


The penetrating property of THz waves permits the measurement of the thickness of all the paint layers in a vehicle, without contact. das-Nano has obtained the topography of the complete painting scheme of a car, offering a unique tool for the cost optimization and the demanding quality requirements of the car manufacturers.

Other T-waves properties

Features of THz features combined introduce a new way of seeing what was not visible before. Due to its low photon energy, it does not cause ionization, it is completely safe and does not modify the inspected item. das-Nano is harnessing the power of THz waves to bring brand-new applications to the industry.

Pharmaceutical industry

THz waves give the ability to see the internal structure of a dielectric material, and are therefore ideal for the inspection of plastics. X-ray or gamma-Ray has effect of ionizing while THz determines the thickness of layers and the presence of internal defects without that effect.


THz waves have already revealed the mysteries of the greatest painters in history. Hidden signatures, layers underneath, brushstrokes and features can now be uncovered and shown to the world, in a contactless, non-damaging way. Lead Paints (not even trespassed by X-Rays), can be now analyzed.

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